February 25, 2016


Welcome to our Branson Holiday Hills Condo website!  I've worked on and off the past few months getting this site up and running and it's still a work in progress and probably always will be since I strive to keep everything up to date.  I started this site to be able to share information about our condo with others and to be able to book online WITHOUT any extra booking or "service" fees like the big sites do; and yes I am listed on those too but it pains me to think of anyone paying an extra fee to book when NONE of that goes to me. :)   VRBO/Homeaway has been my main listing and booking site the past year but have recently been bought out by Expedia.  I already pay a not-so-cheap subscription fee to list and be seen on their site but now they've decided to charge pretty high booking fees to guests; ALL of that goes to them and not the owners!  There is a HUGE uproar right now from owners trying to get this changed but I'm not sure that will happen.  You are welcome to read my reviews that I have linked on here on my VRBO site to see what our guests thought of our condo this past year and you can see that we are "for real".  My ID number is 694751.  BUT don't book there unless you don't mind paying an extra fee.  Instead book here on my Branson Holiday Hills Condo site through MYVR.com.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call me at 501-337-2377 or email me at awhitleycrew@aol.com.
Angie Whitley